ZARI Media Ltd is the proprietor of that brings to the society the latest news


ZARI Media Ltd is the proprietor of that brings to the society the latest news with our principles of Journalism ethics

It was established in August 2015 with editorial line of providing information through Social-economic, culture, development, education, entertainment including showbiz, music, sports and artists’ lifestyle at all levels of media business in Rwanda.

Editorial policy


Muhabura News is online newspaper that covers hourly news and has editorial line broadcasts sports, politics, economy, health, entertainments, investigative stories, Love, and production. has a set of guidelines and principles that every staff has to abide with. It also goes with Rwanda media law, ethics and code of conducts. Its clients also respect all the rules by which the business is operated.

The charter and philosophy of

News and information outlets are shaped by the editorial guidelines and objectives. These have been discussed and adopted by editorial team and the contents have to be in line with audience interests and feedbacks in the contents.


Executive director/Managing Editor is responsible for reviewing each draft news issue technically critiques the contents, approves cover stories and special features, comments and letters to the editor, corrects headings, any grammatical stylistic and typographical errors and approves final

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