Kuba umusitari byanyibagije kugira urukundo rw’ukuri. “Mr Blue”

Umuhanzi w’icyamamare mu njyana zitandukanye wamenyekanye mu ndirimbo nka “Mapozi”, “Joanita” n’izindi zitandukanye, Mr. Blue guturuka mu gihugu cya Tanzania aratangaza ko ubuzima bwa gisitari yabayemo bwamubereye inzitizi yo kuba yagira uwo agaragariza urukundo rw’ukuri maze bagere kure.

Mu kiganiro kitwa The Playlist gica kuri radio yitwa Times FM yo mu gihugu cya Tanzania cyari cyatumiwemo Mr. Blue, uyu muhanzi yavuze ko kubera uburyo yari umusitari kandi akunzwe n’abantu benshi, ngo abakobwa benshi baramwifuzaga nawe nta kindi yakoraga kitari kwitoreramo abo yifuza maze bakagera ku ntego. Yavuze ko atashidikanya kuvuga ko icyo gihe yari umuhehesi wemewe. Yagize ati “icyo gihe wasangaga bizanye ubwabo, none nabaga ndi kumwe n’uyu ejo nkaba ndi kumwe n’undi, ejo nkumva undi arampamagaye ambwira ati ‘uranyibuka ko twri kumwe ejo?’ nkamubwira hoya sinkwibuka, kuko nabaga ndi kumwe n’abagera nibura ku icumi, ejo undi akaza nkamubwira nti tegereza ndacyari kumwe n’uyu. Akaba abizi kandi amubonye ariko ntagende akicara aho kugeza uwo turi kumwe agiye maze nawe nkamuha ikaze. Cyangwa se ugasanga araje nkamubwira nti uyu niwe nahisemo wowe genda. Akagenda ariko ejo akagaruka. Sinzi ari burozi bwoko ki nari narabahaye. Nakoze ubuhehesi bw’uburyo bwose butandukanye.” Mr. blue akaba yavuze ko muri abo bazagaiwe harimo n’abasitarikazi batandukanye atashatse kurondora amzina yabo bose bityo bikaba byaratumaga atabona umwanya wo kugira uwo yakunda cyangwa yarutisha abandi.

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Mr. Blue yakomeje atangaza ko: “Hari na benshi bazwi ndetse n’abatazwi twasohokanaga abandi ugasanga buzuye iwange nk’aho wagira hari amafranga ndi gutanga baje gufata. Nta gahenge bampaga ngo nange mpitemo uwo umutima wange wifuza guhorana iteka” Mu byamamare yabashije gutangaza byamwifuzaga harimo Wema Sepetu na Naj.

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